Feb 12, 2020

7 Tips for a Healthier Life 

If you have arthritis, limitations caused by chronic pain and fatigue can diminish your quality of life. So much energy is consumed just trying to minimize or circumvent pain that your life ends up being solely about surviving.

However, those general and uninspiring goals do not help you get the most out of life. It is crucial to gain control of your life instead of letting arthritis take control of you. It’s a new year and a fresh start so use it! Keep reading for seven tips for a healthier life.

Change your outlook.

Arthritis is an erratic and chronic disease. Redefining your life to fit new limitations is essential for those with arthritis. It can be easy to head down a negative and dark road, but it’s helpful to focus on the positive things in your life and embrace gratitude and optimism instead. Arthritis is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to define you. Try volunteering for causes you feel passionate about and watch as your outlook becomes more positive.

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Move mindfully.

There are more benefits to physical activity than weight loss. Physical activity helps to build strength and maintain flexibility in your joints. Not only that, but even low impact exercise can cause your body to release endorphins that help relieve pain. Consider joining in adult activities at your gym. Experiment with low-impact exercises such as swimming, water aerobics, or yoga to flex your joints without overdoing it.

Make connections.

Support groups can improve your mood significantly because it creates an instant circle of friends who you can relate to. Studies have shown that arthritis support groups improve moods, provide coping skills, reduce pain, and offer a reprieve from negativity.

While it’s hard to admit we need help sometimes, people with arthritis must surround themselves with a healthy support system. Everyone needs to feel a sense of belonging, but for someone with arthritis, it is essential for effective pain management.

Utilize meditation.

Meditation techniques can help you reduce pain from arthritis by reducing stress and enabling you to better cope. Studies show that those with depression and arthritis achieved the most from meditation. With reduced stress comes reduced inflammation and pain.

Get more sleep.

Adequate sleep is good for the body and the mind. Getting enough sleep will aid in healthy lifestyle choices and helps to decrease negative thoughts. Studies show that sleep and pain are linked, so if you don’t sleep well, you will have more pain. More pain automatically means difficulty sleeping.

Set your sleep cycle up for success by selecting a specific bedtime and sticking to it every night. Start the process of preparing for bed well before your designated time, and make sure you’re removing distractions from your place of rest. Put away all electronics, make sure your room is dark, tidy up, and keep your thermostat down.

Find a trusted rheumatologist.

Choosing a quality rheumatologist is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to managing your arthritis. Your needs might differ from other patients, so be sure to find a compassionate doctor who cares about your unique healing needs.

Make consistent appointments.

If you have arthritis, you must see your physician regularly. Make consistent appointments and keep them. Frequent visits are often shorter, so be sure to plan your visits in advance by jotting down any concerns you have in advance. Be honest with your doctor about how you’re feeling.

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