Feb 6, 2020

8 Date Night Ideas for Those with Arthritis

When you are chronically ill, sometimes you can get caught up in the routine of staying home and resorting to binging movies on Netflix as a means for entertainment. There are many ways, however, to enjoy time with your loved one without pushing your body beyond its limits.

Below are eight date night ideas that are fun and will help you revitalize your relationship with your spouse without overdoing it.

Try a dance class.

Sign up for a dance class and learn the art of ballroom dancing, while getting close to your partner and learning something new. It doesn’t have to be a strenuous tango or a fast-paced lindy hop—something nice and easy will do the trick. A basic waltz can be good for your body while also adding a touch of romance.

Take a nature walk.

Get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. It doesn’t matter if it’s a warm, sunny day or the middle of winter. Be sure to dress appropriately, pack some snacks, and take in your surroundings on a scenic trail. Talk to your partner about life, or your week at work with no distractions.

Plan a picnic.

In recent years, picnics have become less and less common, but it certainly shouldn’t have! It’s a simple and refreshing way to add variety to your day-to-day and gives you a chance to engage with your partner on a more intimate level. It’s simple to make happen: Fill your basket with gourmet dips, artisan bread, fresh fruit, creamy cheeses, and a bottle of wine. Find a secluded spot with a beautiful view, spread out a blanket, relax, and enjoy each other.

Create a date night at home.

Stay home and plan a three-course menu for dinner full of you and your partner’s favorite foods. Get dressed up, print a menu card for fun, light candles, and set the mood with relaxing music.

Don’t let aches and pains stop you from having fun. Make it a combined effort in the kitchen. Open a bottle of wine, feed each other from the pot, put on your favorite tunes, and dance around while you whip up a feast.

Go golfing together.

Check out your local golf course. Golf may be a bit difficult if you have arthritis, but it’s a good idea to try low-action activities that let you use your muscles. Maintaining regular movement can help with blood flow and the release of endorphins—two things that improve pain.

A sport like golf can also help with balance, enhanced coordination, and better range of motion. Friendly competition between spouses makes the relationship more interesting.

Indulge in a couple’s massage.

Schedule a couple’s massage at your local spa. Not only is a massage beneficial for arthritis, but it’s also a great way to relax and spend quality time with your spouse. If you’re not up for splurging on a professional massage, you can always simulate the experience by doing this at home with your spouse.

Get some scented candles, aromatherapy lotions, face masks, and some sparkling water with lemons. Turn on some relaxing music, put on your masks, and soak in Epson salts and oils. End the night by giving each other gentle massages.

See an outdoor movie.

The drive-in is a perfect and classic romantic date idea. Find a drive-in movie theatre and watch a feature movie together in the cab of a truck complete with pillows and blankets. But grab a date night milkshake beforehand—two straws, one shake!

Again, this is something you can do at home if you aren’t up for a night out. Movie projectors are relatively inexpensive, and you can project the image directly off the wall of your garage! Cuddle up outside with pillows and sleeping bags. Don’t forget the popcorn, soda, and milk duds!

Dive into a yoga session.

Roll out your mat, channel your Zen, and find your inner yogi with a couple’s yoga class. The various poses performed during a yoga class have an incredibly positive effect on your body. Not only will yoga help you gain strength, but you will also find that the stretches can eliminate some of those aches and pains. The soft music and dim lighting can bring you peace and feel romantic.

When you have arthritis, it’s easy to focus on what you can’t do. However, if you take time to get creative, you and your significant other can have some great date nights, even with a chronic illness. Don’t let fatigue and achy joints hold you back from living your best life and enjoying your relationship.

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