Mar 9, 2020

Seven Tips for Exercising on the Couch

Carolina Arthritis

Sometimes our bodies hold us back from a major workout, and that’s OK. If you’re struggling with staying active, some simple couch exercises may be the way to go. Start by working on strengthening and stretching from the comfort of your couch until you are ready to take the next step.

Check with your physician first.

Talk to your rheumatologist about adding exercise into your treatment plan. The activity that will benefit you most depends on the kind of arthritis you have. Your rheumatologist or therapist will work with you to find a plan that gives you the most benefit with the least aggravation.

If you don’t have a quality rheumatologist that you trust, now is the time to find one. It is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to managing your arthritis. Carolina Arthritis is accepting new patients, so if you’re looking, start your search by filling out this online form!

Set goals.

Don’t overwhelm yourself right from the start by setting unrealistic goals and trying to force your body to adhere to them. Try a new approach and think about what you’re good at and what your body can do. Make a list of short-term goals and how you can accomplish them, then focus on your long-term goals once that is complete.

Start small.

Start small by zoning in on those short-term goals first. Only focus on one week at a time instead of worrying about the months ahead. As you plan your day, get in your daily workout, and don’t focus on the next one until it’s time. Make it a challenge to find those extra minutes in your day as often as possible. Once your initial week is complete, look back and take it a step further – aim for one or two more exercises. If you feel like it’s too much, try to up your progress the following week or when you feel more comfortable.

Be kind to yourself. 

Positive self-talk and a positive attitude are beneficial when starting a new program. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a positive mindset when trying something new, but it’s important to move out of your comfort zone. Working out can be loaded with emotional and mental hurdles, so maintaining positive thoughts creates a more nurturing experience. Being kind to yourself and engaging in positive self-talk can be just as important as the way you’re moving and strengthening your body.

Expect setbacks.

Establishing a routine and sticking to it is more valuable than the duration and type of workouts you are doing. On days when you have no time, even short seven to ten-minute exercises can provide benefits, especially for beginners. Skipping a workout or catching a cold shouldn’t completely throw you off. Everyone experiences setbacks; it’s all part of establishing a routine. The important thing is to get right back into it as soon as you can.

Focus on your form.

Remember—quality over quantity. Utilizing proper form will help avoid injury and yield better results. When you start, it might feel overwhelming to think about so much. Just think about perfecting one of your exercises every few days, instead of all of them at once.

When you’re ready to try something new, be patient with yourself. You can always replace some exercises with other options or more natural variations until you feel more comfortable. Do what you can, utilize good form, and practice patience. Don’t forget that strength and endurance come with consistency and hard work!

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Listen to your body.

If your joints ache even more after a certain activity, you may need to cut back or find a gentler alternative. Overusing your joints can cause severe damage and lead to so much pain that you won’t be able to complete your daily tasks.

Effective sofa exercises.

If you feel like you need to improve your quality of life through exercise, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Carolina Arthritis today. Don’t let arthritis aches and pains hold you back from living your best life and reaching your goals. For more monthly tips on living your life with a chronic illness, keep following Carolina Arthritis!