Jun 7, 2018

Arthritis-Friendly Gift Ideas for Dad this Father’s Day

Growing up your dad was invincible. He was the hero that could save the day and would do anything to make you happy. As he grows older his body doesn’t always do the things it once could, but he still wants to save the day. And while a Father’s Day gift may seem inadequate compared to all the things he has done throughout the years, it’s a great place to start. Not all dads are the same, but for the active, outdoor dads that love to stay busy, here are some arthritis-friendly gift ideas for dad this Father’s Day that will have him feeling like the invincible hero once again.

Sports wraps.

Wrist guards, thumb slings, knee wraps and elbow sleeves are all great ideas for the active sporty dad that doesn’t want to be slowed down. Specialized slings and wraps are made to support bones, muscles and tendons, especially for active arthritis sufferers. Whether it’s on the court or the field, give him the gift of comfort and support with a quality sports wrap.

Pain relief.

Despite wraps, slings, guards, preparation, and rest, pain is bound to happen if your father is active and has arthritis. Research unique and natural pain relief ideas and create a pain relief Father’s Day basket. Topical analgesics and sprays such as Biofreeze are very helpful and soothing for those over-worked, stiff joints.

Hot and cold therapy.

In addition to topical applications, hot and cold therapies are a great way to relieve those achy joints. A heating pad is a fantastic present, but make it more special by giving one with contours or automatic massagers. Heat wraps and paraffin baths are also great ideas for the active dad. Since it is always good to alternate heat and cold, a high-quality cooling gel pack is also a good gift idea. For about $25, you can find vibrating gel packs that provide both hot and cold therapy combined with massaging tools.

Grilling tools.

Dads love to grill; it’s ingrained in their DNA. Unfortunately, for dads with arthritis, grilling tools are often bulky and can be difficult to use. Research lightweight and easy-to-grip barbecue tools so your dad can once again feel like the master of his grill. Look into other barbecue essentials that will make outdoor cooking a breeze, such as heat resistant cooking gloves, a compact grill pad, or a pack of organized spices and sauces.

Gardening tools.

Just like grilling, most dads love working outside and enjoy that satisfied feeling of a pristine yard. If you father is diagnosed with arthritis, gardening may not be as much fun as it once was. Do some research online and find out what tools will work best for dad and his symptoms. Look into longer handled tools that allow him to stand or easy-to-grip hand tools. You can also add attachments that lengthen tools, which will help him gain leverage as he works. There are also many different electric tools available that can be lifesavers for arthritis sufferers as well.

Good shoes.

According to Marian Hannan, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, “The wrong shoe worn by someone with arthritis in their hips, knees, ankles or feet can exacerbate existing problems and, down the road, cause damage and complications to many joints beyond the feet.” So this Fathers Day, give your dad the gift of healthy feet. Whether it’s tennis shoes, flip-flops, or boots, people with arthritis need proper support and the right kind of shoe.


One of the best gifts you can give your dad, if he has arthritis or not, is your time.  Make him a nice dinner, help him in the yard, challenge him to a basketball game, take him fishing, or treat him to a special day on the beach.

Living with arthritis can be a challenge, but there are many products that can make life more tolerable for him and keep him active. Whether you decide to give a flashy set of grilling tools or a chat over coffee, in true dad fashion, he will love what you give him no matter what it is. For more monthly tips on reclaiming your life with arthritis, keep following Carolina Arthritis! If you have any great Fathers Day gift ideas be sure to let us know on our Facebook page.