Apr 17, 2019

Eight Tips for Making your Mornings Better with Arthritis

Mornings with arthritis can leave you feeling worn out before the day even begins. Early morning stiffness can make it difficult to getting dressed, eat and get out the door. Follow these eight tips to make your mornings less painful.

Prep the night before.

One way to simplify your morning routine is by doing your major prepping before you go to sleep. Lay out clothes, pack your lunch, organize your briefcase, program the coffeemaker, and prep for breakfast. Not only will this relieve your morning routine, you will sleep better at night knowing you are ready to go.

Get a good night’s sleep.

Plenty of sleep is good for the body and mind. Adequate sleep also aids in making consistent and positive lifestyle choices and feeling well rested will set your day on a path to success.

Utilize supportive sleep tools.

Lumbar and cervical pillows are the two main supportive sleeping tools that are highly recommended to eliminate morning joint pain. In some cases, a new, quality mattress can also improve your morning joint pain, but make sure to research before you buy.

Heat things up.

Heat works wonders for soothing stiff and painful joints. Set your electric blanket or heating pad to come on shortly before wake-up time to help alleviate early morning stiffness. Set aside time to soak in a warm tub or take a hot shower before starting your day. A steamy shower is a great way to apply heat and energize your body all at once.


Some light stretching first thing can make a big difference in how you feel the rest of the day. While you are still in bed, reach your arms above your head, point and flex your toes, roll your ankles, and gently move your head side to side. Web MD., recommends rocking your hips left to right; bend and straighten one knee at a time. Repeat until you feel less stiff and ready to take on the day

Get moving.

Studies also show that morning workouts can boost mental sharpness and burn more fat throughout the day. Start simple and plan a brisk walk around the neighborhood – working out close to home makes it easier to stick with a morning routine. Just make sure you prep the night before!

Grab and go breakfast ideas.

You don’t need to choose between having a nutritious breakfast and being on time. Stock your fridge with “grab and go” arthritis-friendly foods like fresh fruit, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, smoothies and pre-made steel cut oats. Pre-make simple and healthy recipes the night before. Get your caffeine fix by timing the coffeemaker to have your coffee ready when you are.

Pace yourself.

Bad mornings are going to happen and there will be days that you struggle. If this happens, avoid the stress. Make plans with your supervisor for tough days. If you get to work later, you may need to stay later, eat lunch at your desk or finish up a project at home.

If morning pain gets in the way of starting your day, be sure to call Carolina Arthritis and together let’s explore solutions that will make your mornings a little easier!