Aug 24, 2017

How to Treat Golfers’ Vasculitis

It’s the end of summer and we are quickly approaching fall in Southeastern North Carolina. As the heat wave subsides and the cool of fall creeps in, the golf courses will be in full swing. We all know how important it is to stay active, which is why it can be disheartening when an illness such as Golfers’ Vasculitis comes between you and your favorite sport.

While this disorder is commonly called Golfers’ vasculitis, it can interfere with any exercise that involves activity, including jogging, hiking, body building, aerobics and swimming.

What is Golfers’ Vasculitis?

Golfers’ Vasculitis is a small vessel type of vasculitis. Unfortunately for those who suffer from it, the symptoms are anything but small. Vasculitis occurs when the immune system attacks the blood vessels by mistake. Some of the symptoms include rashes, lesions, intense burning and itching, and swelling. Golfers’ vasculitis, also called hikers’ vasculitis, is an exercise induced process causing damage to the small blood vessels and occurs with prolonged standing or walking.  Typically this process is aggravated by hot environments.  What causes this to happen isn’t yet fully understood, but at Carolina Arthritis we offer experienced and cutting edge treatment.

How to Treat Golfers’ Vasculitis

The first step in treating vasculitis is a proper diagnosis. Vasculitis can range in severity and while Golfers’ Vasculitis is less severe than other forms, it is essential that you receive a prompt and an accurate diagnosis. To be diagnosed, a patient will need a physical exam, laboratory and imaging work and often a biopsy.

To ensure you are getting the best treatment possible it is important that your method is completely unique to you and your needs. Treatment will depend on type and severity, and can range from short term steroid courses to immune suppression. You will typically experience two phases of treatment which will include stopping the inflammation and preventing relapse.

Get Help for Golfers’ Vasculitis Today

At Carolina Arthritis, we believe that it is imperative for our patients to fully understand their diagnosis and be comfortable with the path of treatment we have chosen. If you feel you may be suffering from vasculitis, contact us right away to schedule an appointment. We will get you on the road to recovery—and back on the golf course—as soon as possible!