Jan 3, 2018

Live Well: Realistic New Years Resolutions for a Healthier 2018

Another year has and come and gone and during the holiday hustle and bustle it’s easy to make resolutions that sound good, but never go anywhere. As cliché as resolutions may seem, the new year is a good time to think about starting fresh and making some positive lifestyle changes. Here are some healthy resolution ideas for arthritis sufferers, and some realistic tactics that can turn those good intentions into reality.

Improve your diet.

For arthritis sufferers, a healthy diet full of vitamin rich foods is extremely important. Adding more fruits and vegetables, as well as cutting back on fatty meats, are two changes that can lead to weight loss. In addition to losing weight, this type of diet can help reduce inflammation. Having an ideal body weight lowers the amount of pressure on your joints, which reduces arthritis pain.

If eating better is your resolution for 2018, slow and steady will help you win the race. Avoid fad diets and don’t attempt to starve yourself. Make small, healthy changes to aid in long-term progress. If your resolution is to eat healthier, start by adding fruit to your breakfast and have a salad with dinner. In addition to making diet changes small and manageable, you can also make them stimulating.  Look into signing up for a local cooking class. A healthy diet depends on choosing the right things to eat, but also knowing how to prepare them. A cooking class is a great way to meet new people and learn exciting new options for preparing healthy meals.

Get active.

Many people with arthritis are afraid to exercise because they are worried they can exacerbate pain. But actually, the opposite is true. When you are active, your joints become strengthened. During regular exercise the tissue around the joints become stronger and joint stress is reduced. Check with your doctor about a training plan that works for you. Do some diligent research on swimming, cycling and yoga. These are all great activities for those who struggle with arthritis.

To stick with your plan for the new year, start small and work your way to a more vigorous schedule. Start by running your errands on foot if possible. Walk to the grocery store and park farther away at your doctor’s appointments.  Force yourself to get off the coach during commercial breaks. Take this short break to do some crunches and leg lifts.

Get more sleep.

Plenty of sleep is good for the body and mind. Adequate sleep also aids in making consistent and positive lifestyle choices. Things like eating healthy and staying active go out the window if you are feeling run down and have no energy.

To set your new sleep cycle up for success, start by selecting a specific bedtime and sticking to it. It’s 2018, so utilize that new app or Fitbit if you need a little extra help getting to bed on time. Start getting ready well before your designated time and when it is time for lights out, make sure your room is very dark. Also ensure your room is tidy and keep the temperature slightly chilly for optimal rest.

It’s a new year, which doesn’t have to mean a completely new you. However, if you can make these simple steps a part of your everyday lifestyle, they can be very effective in reducing joint pain and boosting your overall health. Use our online form today and make Carolina Arthritis a part of your new journey in 2018.