Aug 14, 2018

Reclaim: 6 Tips for Managing Arthritis at Work

Managing arthritis symptoms can be a job in itself. Combine the aches and pains of a chronic illness and the aches and pains of a career, and life can become a struggle. Fortunately, implementing a few simple guidelines can help get you through your day comfortably. Try these six tips for managing arthritis at work.

Plan your day.

Organize your day ahead of time and plan it to accommodate your symptoms. Mornings can be hard for arthritis sufferers, so talk to your manager about an adjusted schedule. Ensure important meetings and difficult tasks are scheduled for later in the day when you are feeling your best and your mind is clear.

Take breaks.

Be sure to include breaks in your schedule. Plan for a break about every 30 minutes. Your body and brain need this time and if you take care of yourself, you will perform better. Rest your eyes, get a glass of water from the break room away from your desk, or get up and walk around the office to keep those joints flexible and loose.

Be mindful of work space ergonomics.

Ensure your work space is set up to keep you working in comfort. Use a sturdy and adjustable chair that offers good support. Lift your monitor or laptop so you are not looking down all day and encouraging bad posture. Foot rests for under your desk are extremely helpful in keeping arthritis sufferers pain-free at the office.

Utilize arthritis-friendly tools.

Many office stores carry adaptive office supplies for those with arthritis. Look into special pen grips, arthritis-friendly scissors, and voice recognition software. Find a keyboard that is easy on your hands and wrists and consider using a wireless mouse without a track pad.

Take advantage of co-worker support.

If your co-workers offer to help you, be sure to take advantage. Whether it’s lifting some boxes, or helping you complete an essential task before deadline, say yes to that extra help.

Just say no.

Understand the limitations of your disease and make sure your supervisors do as well. While it’s never easy to say no at work, sometimes it is necessary to ensure you stay at your full potential. Overworking and stress can cause your disease to flare up, preventing you from working to the best of your ability, if at all.

Accepting the limitations that come with arthritis is difficult. Fortunately, your daily work doesn’t have to suffer. However, it is essential that you know your limits and utilize the amazing tools and people that are available. Don’t let arthritis stop you from living your life in the office and out. If you are ready for a fresh start and ready to reclaim your success, call Carolina Arthritis Associates today!