Jan 10, 2020

Set Yourself up for Success this Year

In the rush of anticipation for another new year and a fresh start, it’s typical to make New Year’s resolutions that sound great but never go anywhere. Resolutions can be a good thing, but they need to be manageable and achievable to work. With some realistic goals, hard work, and these tips, you can turn those good intentions into reality.

Start small.

Make resolutions that are attainable yet substantial. If your goal is to eat healthier plan to start with one healthy meal per day or cut out sugary drinks. If you want to exercise more, strategize to get in a workout one more time a week than before, or add on 5 minutes to your walk. You can even track your progress on a health app, such as Arthritis Power, which is both a disease management tool and a research registry.

Seek support and accountability.

Research success stories of how others with similar ambitions accomplished their goals, and talk to professionals who specialize in the field. Find someone who will hold you accountable and keep you focused on why you started. The Carolina Arthritis Associates team is always available to help you with any questions or concerns in regard to health-related topics and will provide motivation when things get tough.

Schedule checkpoints.

According to a University of Scranton study, 54 percent of people give up on their goals in under 180 days. Why? Long-term goals are not supported by short-term successes. Set short-term goals as checkpoints for your goals. For example, “I will cut out soda for one month,” or “in six weeks I will be able to walk for 30 minutes without stopping.” These short-term goals are checkpoints on the journey to long-term success.

Learn from your mistakes.

The most successful people know that failure is nothing more than a hidden lesson. Those that give up on their goals, however, treat failure as an identifier, which reiterates failure. This leads to a vicious cycle of failing, negative talk, and then giving up. If you mess up, learn from it then keep striving for those goals. It’s only a failure if you see it that way. To those who are succeeding, it’s nothing more than a lesson learned.

Reward yourself.

If you cut out soda for a month, or walk without stopping for 30 minutes, or lose those annoying three pounds, then reward yourself. Schedule a massage, or purchase a new pair of walking shoes. These little splurges will make the tough times more bearable knowing there is a small bonus along the way.

Believe in yourself.

Mindset is everything, and without an unwavering and positive frame of mind, you will essentially fail. No matter how determined you are, if you lack true belief in yourself all your work will be futile. On the flip-side, those with a solid mindset prepared to endure will see success.

It’s a new year, which doesn’t have to mean a completely new you. However, if you can make these simple steps a part of your everyday lifestyle, they can be very effective in reducing joint pain and boosting your overall health. Use our online form today and make Carolina Arthritis a part of your new journey in 2020. Success is yours for the taking!