May 16, 2019

Six Self-Care Indulgences for Arthritis Sufferers

We live in fast-paced world and multi-tasking is a must, so it’s essential that we all dedicate time to relax and unplug. For arthritis sufferers, self-indulging isn’t just an occasional feel-good extravagance, it can be a form of physical and mental treatment. Allowing yourself to recharge and renew can be extremely beneficial; keep reading for six self-care indulgences for arthritis sufferers.


People with arthritis who experience chronic symptoms may consider using massage therapy regularly. Those who can’t make it a consistent form of treatment need to attempt to make it part of their self-care therapy, even if it’s just a few times a year. Not only can massages help with physical and mental relaxation, studies show that massages can minimize pain and stiffness, increase grip strength, and improve range of motion.

Treat yourself.

While it’s extremely important that those with arthritis stick to a healthy, low-sugar diet, sometimes it okay to indulge. There are definitely times when that gooey brownie or plate of comfort food is a necessity. Don’t make yourself feel guilty when enjoying these treats, but just remember that moderation is key.


Being active on social media definitely has its positives, but sometimes it can be just too much. Set aside days to step away from social media and emails so you can recharge and focus on what is right in front of you.

A trip to the salon.

Instead or treating this as something that has to be done, use it as a chance to spoil yourself. Get a haircut, add a blowout, indulge in some gossip magazines, and maybe even get a pedicure. For the guys, there are plenty of barber shops that go the extra mile with hot towel shaves and neck massages so take advantage!

Take a mental health day.

Mental health days can be tremendously valuable for anyone with arthritis. Take a day off from work or running errands to stay inside, rest, and keep a low profile. If you aren’t able to take time off during the week, allow yourself a free weekend to just do nothing.

Enjoy a luxurious bath.

Every once in a while set aside some time to just soak in a warm bubble bath. Warm baths are one of the best ways to bring immediate relief to sore joints. Not only can it be a way to naturally treat pain, but a warm bath can be mentally soothing as well. Add some Epsom salts, oils, and candles to make it feel more spa-like.

Our busy schedules don’t allow time for slowing down or taking care of ourselves so we continue to push ourselves until our bodies say no more. Arthritis sufferers have to change this mindset and make self-care a priority. While at first it might seem selfish or uncomfortable, eventually your body and mind will thank you. If you need some advice on self-care, be sure to call Carolina Arthritis today!