Jun 12, 2019

Six Tips to Make Grocery Shopping Made Easier with Arthritis

Shopping for groceries can be overwhelming and exhausting for those with arthritis. The key to success is being prepared and employing the right combination of strategy and outside help. Keep reading to learn how!

Plan ahead.

Plan your grocery trip around when you usually feel your best and most energetic. Remember to consider the time of day and traffic patterns. This can help you keep the time and stress of being on the road and standing in lines to a minimum.

Make a list.

Make sure you create a detailed list while planning your shopping trip and be sure it’s based on the layout of the store you are shopping at. A list will help you identify if your items can be purchased in one place, eliminating extra stops. It will also help you stay organized and prevent extra strain from wandering down unnecessary aisles.

Find a small store.

Small stores are usually less busy and require much less walking than the big stores. With smaller shops you are likely to find help quicker, get more assistance from cashiers at checkout, and get in and out much faster.

Order online.

Yay for technology! With the internet, we can buy almost anything online. Many stores offer a shopper that gathers up all your groceries free of charge. All you have to do is set a time and pick them up. Some stores can even have the groceries delivered right to your doorstep. With delivery, you can have someone else do the driving and heavy lifting while you focus on taking care of you!

Utilize grocery shopping hacks.

Add masking tape to payment cards to build up the side opposite the magnetic strip or chip to make it easier to grip. Consider thin leather or gardening gloves that provide extra grip and keep your hands warm in freezer sections. Invest in some reusable bags. They are not only beneficial for the environment; they are also easier on your joints and don’t cut into your hands like plastic. Keep a tool in your car to help grab items off of shelves, also check into keeping a small wheeled cart to help you get things inside once you are home.

Ask for help.

Staff would rather give you a hand with heavy packages than clean up a potential mess. Not only that, but they are there to assist you. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

The best approach to making daily life and boring errands easier is by making your health a top priority. Increasing mobility with consistent exercise, making good diet choices, staying hydrated, and getting a good night’s sleep are all positive choices that will help reduce general pain and make a trip to the grocery store a breeze. Don’t let stiff and achy joints control your life and prevent you from doing the simple things. For more monthly tips on reclaiming your health, contact us today and keep following Carolina Arthritis!