Dec 7, 2017

Live Well: Gift Ideas for Those with Arthritis

The holidays are fast approaching and chances are you are scouring malls and online stores to find the perfect gift for friends and family. Finding that special present for someone with arthritis may be a bit more of a struggle. You wrestle with the need to get them something practical and the desire to get them something fun and exciting. We put together six gift ideas that can be fun and practical. With these ideas you can help make the holidays merry and bright for those close to you who suffer from arthritis.

A health and beauty basket.

Throw in some inexpensive mineral bath soak and muscle relief lotion so they can soak and soothe their achy joints. Include other items such as an herbal neck wrap, a sleep mask and a lavender eye pillow. Paraffin wax baths are great for people with arthritis in their hands. The moist heat helps relieve joint pain and stiffness and will leave their hands feeling smooth and soft. Compression glove and socks are always a hot ticket item for arthritis patients, but seem a lot less lackluster alongside some fun and indulgent goodies.

Spa gift certificate.

If you don’t have time to create a spa at home package, consider a gift certificate for a massage. Massages manipulate soft tissues to improve blood circulation and promote relaxation. This helps reduce pain and tension for everyone, especially for those who suffer from arthritis. Try to find a spa with arthritis experience. Some massage styles are better for arthritis patients while there are some that should be avoided. For example, Swedish massages use moderate pressure, while deep tissue massages may trigger inflammation and worsen arthritis symptoms.

Heat and cold therapy tools.

Heat and cold therapy are extremely helpful for those who suffer from arthritis. Heat helps people with arthritis find relief from aching joints and muscles. A heating pad is a fantastic present, but make it more special by giving one with contours or automatic massagers. Heated socks, electric blankets and a heated mattress provide cozy warmth during cold winter days. As it is always good to alternate heat and cold, a high-quality cooling gel pack with some cooling ointment is also a good gift idea. For about $25, you can find vibrating gel packs that provide both hot and cold therapy combined with massaging tools.

Kitchen Gadgets.

Simplify life for someone with arthritis with automatic kitchen tools. Options range from food dicers, electronic can openers, automatic wine openers, to food processers. These devices could be a lifesaver for anyone who suffers from mobility issues. A healthy diet is essential for arthritis patients. Get them started on their New Year’s resolutions by purchasing a juicer so they can make delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies that support an anti-inflammatory diet. A crockpot for slow-cooking meats or making delicious soups and is also a great gift idea.

Exercise equipment.

An active lifestyle has been proven to help manage pain for arthritis patients. Give the gift of health this season. Walking, swimming, weight lifting and yoga are all great activities for arthritis sufferers. A new yoga mat with some instructional DVDs is a great starter pack for the future yogi in your life. Look into an introductory swim or weight room session at your local gym. There are also many affordable versions of the Fitbit to get someone motivated to hit the road.

A Night Out.

If you have a loved one with arthritis and children, you can bet they are in desperate need of a night out. Offer to babysit as they head out for a night on the town, to run errands, or even just catch up on sleep!

Living with arthritis can be a challenge, but there are many products that can make it more tolerable. Whether you decide to give them a spa gift, a cool new gadget or a practical set of compression gloves, nothing is more than important than your support this holiday.

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