May 21, 2018

Reconnect: 6 Tips for the perfect BBQ

While hosting a summer party with arthritis can seem exhausting and overwhelming, it may be well worth the work. Studies show that spending time with your friends can ease feelings of sadness and isolation that come with handling arthritis. When managing an arthritis diagnosis, it is frustrating to not be able to do the things you used to do. However, with extra rest and some preparation, you can still enjoy planning a summer party with arthritis. Here are six tips for hosting the perfect barbecue when you have arthritis.

Create a simple menu.

Keep the food simple when hosting a barbecue. One step dishes will be easiest and be sure to prepare what you can ahead of time. Utilize your local grocery store for fruit and veggie trays, appetizers and desserts. The energy you save will be worth the money spent.

Set an official timeline.

When inviting guests, make sure they know the official start and end time. This way guests won’t over stay their welcome, or show up too early. When hosting a party with arthritis, plenty of rest before and after is the key to enjoying the day.

Ask for help.

Inviting guests to bring their favorite dish is a relaxed approach to a causal and fun party. Not only does it allow for an eclectic menu, but it also makes the prepping easier for you. If the plan is for burgers or hot dogs on the grill, enlist your favorite grill master to help you manage the task.

Streamline your set up.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with fancy dishes and décor. Disposable plates and cutlery makes setting and cleaning up a breeze. Organize a buffet style food table layout so guests can serve themselves.

Use arthritis-friendly tools.

Arthritis-friendly tools are essential for those who love to spend time in the kitchen. New ergonomic kitchen gadgets are everywhere these days. They’re easy to use and can solve many common kitchen dilemmas for those with arthritis. Magnetic measuring cups and spoons, lightweight pots and pans, electric can openers, standing mixers, and one-handed cutting boards are all great tools that will make life easier with arthritis, if you are hosting a party or not.

Make sure you are well rested.

The key to enjoying your party is making sure you are well rested. Plan in advance so you are not tired from working too hard before the party even begins. Make sure you get a quality night’s sleep the night before, and allow yourself time to take a nap that day.

Create a comfortable atmosphere.

It’s your party, so make sure it’s convenient for you. If you are uncomfortable, your guests will be as well. Have plenty of cozy places to sit in the shade, and provide warm blankets while the fire pit is going when the temperature drops at night. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, and if you need an ice wrap or heating pad, don’t hesitate to use one. Your friends will understand and want you to enjoy the night with them.

Don’t over indulge.

While it may be tempting to eat that extra brownie and drink one cocktail too many, don’t forget that you will be paying for it later. It may feel worth it in the moment, but extra sugars, caffeine, red meat and alcohol can all exacerbate arthritis symptoms and have you feeling miserable in the days to come ensuring you will never want to host a party again.

Socializing and being with the people you love is huge part of your mental and physical health. Don’t let arthritis slow you down and keep you from the things you love like cooking and entertaining. For more tips on living well with arthritis, keep following Carolina Arthritis. If you need more ideas on hosting a great summer barbecue with arthritis, call us today