Apr 9, 2018

Spring Cleaning Tips to Save Your Joints

There is nothing that quite compares to a sparkling clean home, and there is no better time to get it sparkling than the spring. However, for those who suffer from joint pain, this can be a difficult task. Here are a few tips to make spring cleaning a little bit easier.

Pace yourself.

Do not overwhelm yourself and your body by trying to do everything in one day. Knowing your limits ahead of time prevents a lot of pain and misery later. Assign yourself a room a day and be sure to take frequent breaks. Start with the heavy traffic areas that you and others see every day.

Schedule your day.

If you know your joint pain is worse in the morning, don’t plan to clean at that time. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure and end your day feeling achy and in pain. Figure out a time that’s best for you and if its 45 minutes or two hours, make that your designated cleaning time.

Use arthritis friendly tools.

There are many tools out there to make your life easier—utilize them! Instead of using spray bottles, use wipes. There are wipes for every household chore, from window cleaning to dusting to sanitizing. Use a dusting mitt if it hurts to hold a cloth. Purchase long handle brooms with a dust pan attached so you can clean the floors without bending over. Invest in a quality self-propelled vacuum, or even a robotic vacuum that does the work for you. Use cleaning solutions that require a little less muscle such as Magic Eraser or Scrubbing Bubbles.

Strategically place your supplies.

Be smart about where you store your supplies and buy two of everything for easy access. If the majority of your carpet is on the second floor, keep your vacuum upstairs so you don’t have to carry it around. Keep bathroom cleaning products and cloths stored in the bathrooms, so you can avoid running back and forth for necessities.

Tackling the bed.

Making the bed seems easy for the average person, but for those with arthritis, it is daunting. Use a lightweight comforter that can be easily pulled over sheets. When making your bed use a wooden pizza paddle for tucking in sheets. To easily freshen up bed clothes and pillows, throw them in the dryer with a spring scented fabric softener sheet.

Hire someone

While this isn’t possible for everyone, if you are able to, research local cleaning services that will perform a quality deep clean. If a full deep clean isn’t in the budget, look into a basic maintenance option so you can focus on the deep tasks. Or, find a company that will tackle the major projects like steam cleaning floors or power washing the outside.

Motivate yourself.

There aren’t many people who enjoy cleaning, and if you suffer from arthritis, household cleaning isn’t just unenjoyable, it’s downright painful. So motivate and reward yourself. Light some scented spring candles, open the windows, and blast your favorite music. At the end of your chores, indulge in an at-home spa day, a sweet treat, or a glass of wine—but don’t go overboard.

Accepting the limitations that come with arthritis is difficult. Fortunately, daily tasks aren’t impossible. However, it is essential that you know your limits and utilize the amazing tools that are available. Don’t let arthritis stop you from living your life. If you are ready for a fresh start, call Carolina Arthritis Associates today!