Feb 10, 2017

Eat Right. Live Well.

What you put into your body has a significant influence on how your body operates. It’s true what they say… food is fuel! This is why it’s so important to fuel properly. Like a well-run machine, you want to ensure that you are putting in the best nutrients for your system to run effectively.

That being said, those diagnosed with arthritis must be even more careful about the foods they choose to consume. For example, particular foods might cause increased inflammation or unnecessary pain. It’s important to know which fuel is best for your body, and we are here to fill you in on all things healthy! 

What NOT to eat.

Particular foods can tend to cause inflammation. For those who suffer from arthritis, their bodies are already in an inflammatory state. To keep inflammation at bay, you will have to stay away from specific ingredients. We know how difficult it is to resist those decadent desserts, but processed sugars trigger inflammation.

Try to stay away from any sugars that are not real, including Splenda, sweet-n-low, and all processed sweets. Alcohol in your diet is okay. However, the excessive use of alcohol causes weakness to the liver, which disrupts your body and eventually causes inflammation. That being said, if you choose to drink, then ensure that you are drinking in moderation.

If it’s not real or you can’t pronounce the ingredients, then steer clear! Anything fake, such as trans fats, aspartame, MSG, saturated fats, etc. are severely aggravates your system and is not wise to consume. It’s time to go all natural! 

Eat this instead!

After reading through all those restrictions, you might find yourself wondering, “What can I eat?!” Don’t worry! There are still plenty of healthy options for your diet that are always delicious. Certain foods have a reputation for fighting against inflammation, boosting your immune system, and even strengthening your bones.

By adding fresh, organic, and healthy foods to your everyday balanced diet, you will be on your way to easing the familiar symptoms caused by arthritis. 

Go nuts!

Start snacking on food filled with protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin E, and fiber. Known to have incredible heart-healthy nutrients, nuts are the perfect addition to a healthy diet!

Not only that, but they are beneficial for losing weight. Our top recommendations include:

  • Pistachios- help lower LDL and high in many vitamins and minerals.
  • Almonds- loaded with fiber.
  • Walnuts- highest in Omega 3’s.
  • Peanuts- Most protein.

Nothing fishy about it!

Pack your meals with the inflammation-fighting omega-3 fatty acids found in certain types of fish. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, but we suggest you catch omega-3 fatty fish, including:

  • Salmon
  • Mackerel
  • Herring
  • Sardines
  • Tuna

Try to consume at least 3 to 4 ounces of fish twice a week.

Extra oil, please! 

If you’re living with arthritis, opt for oil (preferably extra virgin olive oil) for your cooking and taste bud benefits. Oil is flooded with heart-healthy fats, which are known to reduce inflammation.

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Stay cheesy!

We realize that you probably wanted to stop reading when you saw that you had to cut out breads and sugars from your diet, but there’s hope! Our beloved dairy is still able to hold its place in your nutrition plan. In fact, calcium and Vitamin-D are proven to strengthen bones and boost immune systems.

So, stock up milk, yogurt, cheese, and those dairy products you love so much. There’s only one catch; when you create your grocery list, stick to low-fat dairy. 

Go green! 

The chances are that if the food is green or grown from the ground, it is encouraged to eat! Broccoli lover? You’re golden. This healing vegetable is rich in vitamins K and C, which is known to slow down osteoporosis progression. Not only that, but this powerful food is packed with calcium for healthy bones. Some other great green veggies to fit into your diet include:

  • Spinach
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Kale
  • Green peppers

To live well, you have to start by eating right! Committing to a healthy diet can have immeasurable benefits on your life. Not only will you look and feel great, but you will also be fighting back against those arthritis symptoms!

There are plenty of natural and medicinal remedy options if you live with arthritis. Our highly trained and expert physicians at Carolina Arthritis are here to help you find the best plan for you! If you need more ideas on living healthy with arthritis, contact us today!